The stories of gods and Humans in mythology: Joseph piscotta

The theme of my gallery is to show and tell the stories of the different Gods and humans throughout mostly Greek, Roman, and Norse mythology. I also want to look at and describe the different perspectives that the artists and sculptors used and how they effect the works. My gallery includes works from the time periods of BC all the way through the mid to late 1800's, so it is a very wide variety of artists and sculptors.

Here we see a Centaur which is a half human half horse creature, fighting a Lapith. Lapiths were an ancient race of people in Greek Mythology. Having the Centaur on top gives us the perspective of its might and power over normal human races. Also according to a myth, the Centaur is drunk.
In this painting we see Hercules completing his seventh labor by killing the Cretan Bull. From our perspective Hercules seems to be depicted with such a massive body that he seems to be the same size as the bull he just killed. It could be a reference to his power being greater than a mythical bull.
In this relief sculpture we see Trojan War hero Achilles and Thetis a sea nymph who helped Achilles throughout the Trojan war on a chariot in front of a group of people. The perspective in this sculpture has Achilles and Thetis raised above the other people which could be a reference to their position in the world. Achilles was a war hero and Thetis is a daughter of a God so this reference to their power and position in the world is very likely.
In this painting we see Venus the goddess of love, sex, beauty, and fertility, about to kiss Adonis who is a young beautiful man who Venus fell in love with. From our perspective we just see Venus and Adonis about to kiss but if wee look at the little figures on the ground and the one on top of the rock we notice they look similar to the God Eros. Could they be agents of Eros to help Venus and Adonis fall in love?
According to a myth, when Orpheus was an Argonaut with Jason, he played his lyre in order to drown out the sirens song and was able to safely pass by their rocks with the rest of the Argonauts. This is what is depicted in the sculpture. From our perspective we clearly see Orpheus sitting down with his lyre but the Sirens seem to be standing on rocks. This is a reference to the myth wear Orpheus uses his lyre to drown out the Siren's who are singing on their rocks.
This sculpture depicts the Greek God of Love Eros standing in front of a dear. What's interesting about this sculpture's perspective is that you can only see the lower body of the deer. Eros' wing is covering the back of the deer and Eros' hands are covering his head.
In this work we see the abduction of Helen from Sparta by the Greeks. Due to her abduction this starts the Trojan War. Linear perspective plays a big role in the work. For example, the front boat and its crew are very big and clear and they should because it seems they are the ones abducting Helen. I believe the horizontal line goes through the crew of the front boat and the parallel lines vanish at the mountain looking fortress in the background.
Here we see a sculpture of Mercury, the Roman God of financial gain, commerce, eloquence, messages, travelers, boundaries, luck, trickery and thieves. From a normal perspective we see that he is in the contrapposto position wear all the weight is on his right leg so that his shoulders and arms twist off-axis from the hips and legs. Also if you look closely you can see Mercury wearing the winged shoes like Hermes which is his greek version.
In this artwork we see Thor a Norse God and son of Odin battling his enemies the Giants. Whats interesting about the perspective in this work is that Thor is battling giants but from our perspective Thor is much bigger than the giants. The artist could have done this to represent Thor's God status and that no one has the giant amount of power that Thor has.
In this painting we see Aeneas a Trojan hero surrounded by a countless number of Sibyl who were woman who were believed to be Oracles. From a normal perspective it is hard to see what is happening in this painting. However, if you look closely it seems that the Sibyl are suffering and Aeneas is trying to possibly help. Now our new perspective is that they are in the underworld and they seem far away because the artist was trying to show the grand, vast and desolate place that is the underworld.
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