Down to the sea side

Do you want to come and see the sea side? Come and take a trip down the beautiful sea side. Take a trip to the sea side, the beach and the ocean. The sea side is about people at the beach, near the river and they stood out at me as well as catching my eye. The design of these 15 artworks is all to do with the sea, ocean, beach or any animals that live in this zone. The reason why I have selected all of these artworks is because they all go with the theme of ‘down to the sea side’ and they flow with each other. They also stood out at me as well as catching my eye. The ocean to me is like a home as I have always lived near it and been in it and brings back many experiences and theses collections of artworks all help to draw my experiences into this exhibition. Down to the sea side exhibition includes artworks, photographs and sculptures. It also includes animals and native instruments used by people for fishing and other activities. I pick all of these artworks so that when I put them in this gallery they would all flow together so that it would catch all of my audiences’ eyes.  All of the artworks with the landscapes surrounding the beach all look like they have been photographed. But when zoomed in on the artwork it has lots of lines, curves and is very detailed artwork created by this artist. These artworks are all done by different artist and never share the same view, image or background twice. Your journey begins now!

SUBJECTIVE FRAME This artwork relates with me well because I have always loved the beach and ocean my whole life so I really like it. My intuition is that the little boy is having fun and is about to go into the boat with his father and are going fishing. i do really like this artwork. I like how the artist has included the whole scenery not just the little child and his father in his boat.
CULTURAL FRAME This is in the cultural frame because it reflects on the way the aboriginals use to fish and live. It may be a replica but it still is a significant object in their culture and history. It was made about 9500-4000 BC years before Christ. It is now kept in a museum and is a great piece of the native and Indigenous background, tradition and society.
STRUCTURAL FRAME The brushstrokes in this artwork is very detailed due to the amount of colour used which differs to every brushstroke. The tiny, little man is a country- western cowboy with a hat and gun. The grass on the hill has small dots to represent the trees and grass areas.
POST-MODERN FRAME This frame shows artworks from different beaches and their perspectives. It has images used from different artworks and merged into one so that the artist has created his own artwork. It doesn't make fun of any artworks, but can relate to most people who like the beach as it reflects different perspectives of the scenery.
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