Urban Street Art 

In this Google Cultural Institute, Urban Street Art is the chosen theme that is repeated throughout the art gallery. Urban Street Art is about unique art that is found in our everyday lives and is seen all around us, this kind of art isn’t mostly admired by the public due to its metropolitan observations   such as train stations and less populated areas around the towns and cities. Many of the urban street artworks are done by professional artist and are appreciated by many, the street art is a part of the urban society, and it brings out life in areas and is of the most common artworks known by people. Street art was traditionally done free-hand by the artist with aerosol paints to produce their work, but now the street art cultural has changed and a wide-spread media and techniques are used to also produce art; media and techniques such as stencilling, street installations and street sculptures are seen in public areas.

Street art has changed the way the world may look at art because it’s so unique and public that anyone can admire it and everyone can see it, street art is changing the way art is looked at by changing the styles of art and changing what art is now.

STRUCTURAL FRAME In this artwork a structural frame is used as we can see in the composition of the artwork. The artist has organised the artwork to make the form of this urban street art three dimensional and realistic to the audience and those who come by the work. The tone of the work is bright red and purple though the background and sidewalk are plain colours, the longer aspects include different colours and shapes such as purple streaks along the long and short tubes. The shapes are long curvy tubes that extend outwards in different directions as well as in different lengths from short to long.
SUBJECTIVE FRAME In this artwork there are many subjective opinions and emotions, I personally feel that this artwork was painted by the enjoyment of someone and to make others feel like they are getting pulled into the eye. When I first saw this artwork it look mysteries, as if there was more to the artwork as you look closer because the swirls in the eye make you look deeper into the eye. My thoughts on this artwork evolve around my own experiences because whenever I look at an artwork that has mystery I have more emotions due to the painting having a sense of uncertainty and how it is unique in its own extraordinary way.
CULTURAL FRAME In this artwork a cultural frame is used as you can see a woman is painted onto the outside of a house, the painting may be Asian inspired due to the use of dominate colours such as black and white, other black and white objects may include Yin and Yang, which is an ancient Chinese understanding of how things work. The circle represents ‘everything’ and is spilt between two shapes and two colours the black (Yin) is known to be cold and weak and the white (Yang) is known to be hot and strong, they are two energies causing everything to happen and it protects the body from harm. This links the artwork to Yin and Yang because the woman is drawn to protect the people who live in the house with a balance of two diverse energies.
POST-MODERN FRAME A Post-Modern frame is used in this sculpture due to the gun saying “I’m proud to be American”, in the YouTube Music video, the song is called “I’m proud to be an American”. The gun is like a parody of the music video because the music video is rejoicing why the person is proud to be an American whereas in the sculpture the words are like a parody that is written onto a gun.
Credits: All media
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