Baroque; a terrible choice for composition

The women in the foreground of the painting are illuminated to draw the viewers attentions. It focuses on a scene of tragedy, while the background emphasizes in a dark tone of somber.
The composition in this painting is colorful, representing different themes. The red color dress signifies guilt while the men walk her to her fate. Although a colorful composition there is still a lingering feeling of doom.
The composition of this painting is blurred together by the dark tone of its background. The intensity makes for a very serious tone overall.
The background, foreground, and middle ground are indistinguishable between each other because of the contrast. The darkness represents the idea of the evil nature of witches.
in the composition of this painting the eye is drawn from the opening of the cave down towards Sampson; the main focus of the paining. The illumination represents his relationship with God.
This painting draws the eye from the left down towards the middle of the foreground. Offering a tragic scene.
The background of the painting displays the beginning of a rough storm while in the foreground a battle ensues. Struggle is depicted throughout the entire composition.
The entire composition of the painting suggests epic turmoil and great struggle.
Muddy colors and violence suggest great conflict in every aspect of this panting. Suffering was emphasized.
The composition of this painting brings the eye from the back of the painting towards the front. Cooler yet muddy colors suggest a time of struggle.
The background depicts perspective and depth while the foreground shows softer colors and a sense of peacefulness.
The background is flooded in warm and violent colors giving off a sense of urgency, while the foreground shows jagged unwelcoming rocks overall sense of unease.
The two men on the sides of the painting show upperclass while the items in between them emphasize their wealth.
The foreground, middle ground, and background blend seamlessly together drawing the eye fluidly through the scene. The red signifies blood and passion as death is present in the theme of the painting.
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