This gallery has many different works of art that display different uses of color.

Illustrates use of warm colors on floor and light, the cool color on the ceiling contrasts the warm. 
This piece or artwork uses mostly blue, but in many different shades of light, dark, intense, and saturated blue. 
The use of red and blue create contrast so that we are able to read "dumb" in the center of the piece.
This piece uses reds, oranges, and yellows to create a warm feel. 
In this portrait, mostly yellow is used. But if you look closely, the artist uses different shads of yellow and some orange.
This piece uses many warm colors to illustrate the warm colors of leaves in autumn. 
This artist uses contrasting colors blue for the shirt and bright red pants, making this a very interesting piece. 
This is another piece that uses warm colors to illustrate the bright yellow and orange leaves of autumn., but uses a cool violet in the back ground so the leaves really stand out.
This piece uses many different shades of blue to illustrate the many colors seen in the ocean waves. 
Although mostly blue, van Gogh uses warm yellow to warm up the stars and moon in this painting. 
Credits: All media
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