Korean art Journey by phillip vu

Zu, Doyang work embodies the collison of both natural and atrificial.His subjects are mostly on nature and the sky. In this image you can see a park trail in Mok-Dong and a tree representing rebirth and death in autumn using the tree as the main sunject. I pick this piece ,because it shows a unique persecptive of the world. The way you look and glance at it and the metaphor hidding behind it is quite unique. This is part of a series that uses four diffrent seasons and has a wonderful view to it.If you look closely you can see many aspect of nature. It gives a relax and calm feeling to it.
kyung Min painting comes from both the admiration of classical and art historical text. In this painting it is a scene of a baroque library and shows Kyung Min admiaration for many artist of that century. If you zoom and you can fine names of many of the artist on the books. Name listed are Manet,Degas,Cezanne and Surai who are impressionist and Baroque masters like Vermeer,Velasquez, Carravaggio, and Rembrandt. I pick this painting because it shows a happy feeling with all the bright colors to contrast with the mood. Also the piece is like a tribute to great artist of the past whom I have learn about which make this work very appealing to me. So many symbolic symbols and names can be found in the painting.
Bang,Hai Ja is one of the first generation of korean abstract artist in Korea. She first studied and France where she study artist of the past and learn to look within herself to combine korean tradition with art from the west.In this painting she uses tradtion korean paper and strectches it along with some fabric then she begins to merge it and add colors side by side eventully giving her a dreamy landscape that you see. This art work shows the many diffrence Particles of light and how she sees them and how they can appear from diffrent angles and persceptive. I pick this work because it catches my eye and the fact that it was abstract made me look closely at what it was. I fine this piece very peaceful and futuristic with the use of color, lighting. and shadeing.
Yoo , Lizzy is a korean artist , but also went to school in America so she has a tendency to adapth her korean customs with western customs.She has a very traditional view of the world that generates of korean expressions. In this photo it is a sculpture of a Urn which is use for funerals. The way Yoo made this was to represent death returning to nature and to make it seem more natural she use a rock as the shape of the urn. I find this sculpture really fascinating to look at with it's oval design and curves also the color makes it look very shiny due to it being made from silver. Everything looks simple,clean, and crisp which is why I like it.
Lee, Seahyun is a person that uses his imagination and real world places and memories to create his painting and let them come to life.In this painting it is a picture of the DMZ or Demilitarized Zone between South Korea and North Korea during the Cold War. Lee recalls memories from when he was station near the border and during night shift he would use his night vision googles to see the area. The googles turned everything red resulting in a new view of the area he calls a hypertrophied,deneutralizing effect. This picture represent a destructive area that is no longer here and the symbol of Utopia of one day reuniting the two korea's to make it one country again. This painting is part of a series of diffrent views of the DMZ AREA between Red. I pick this landscape painting because it is really unique and caught my eye due to the red coloring. At first I thought it was just a painting of a river dividing the rocks, but then as I read the details it was something more a area that was the border between two countries at war. It is a very beautiful painting and I really like it
Park,Chan Girl uses his imagination for a new perspective into popular sculptures that he recreates into his own and give it a modern feel. Using the relation and position of the spacing and steel tower surface is the most important.Using that he creates spaces hence ''sliced images'' to give a new look. The spaces or gaps are now filled with the air around it and the images of the landscape.Each angle gives a new story to the sculpture. I pick this to be in the list because it is one of my favorite sculptures of the ancient world. Being able to remake it and making it very modern is really impressive to me. I like the mood that it impacts with its powerful feeling of energy rushing through as the Discobolus begins to throw his disc.
in Hahn, Jeesun 39-road it is use as a metaphor for life having many roads that you can be lead to. In Hahn collection she has many roads ranging from cities to imaginary worlds. In this work of art the road is Heaven. The stairs are use as a metaphor for life and in the center of the art work is suppose to be the end of the road , but the viewer can only see part of the road that leads you to the end. Rather it gives us wonder and make us think of what's next in life and where will it leave us. I pick this art to be presented in my collection,because I find it very happy and calming. The use of light colors like white and light pink make it a very relaxing art work to look at. I find it compelling and makes you think of the many roads that life has to offer.
Yo, Hee Chuong is a artist that uses symbols and reinvents them to work with his art work. He uses familiar symbols like mountain, fields, birds, and butterflies and sometimes make them into something else, yet the familirity is from our memories. He likes to use colors to connect the symbols and make it apart of his art work. Using colors and symbols he creates a story that touches our memories and connects the past and present together from his art work. I really enjoy this artwork from the many diffrent variety of colors and how all the images connect to form a dragon.The mood is I guess just facsination nothing more and nothing less. The way the symbols become one and form the dragon is really amazing.
Lim, Sung Soo is a artist that likes to create art that has something to do with the world and then make it part of his imagination to escape from the real world. He usaully uses his comic characters in his paintings and recreate them into symbols that represent things. In the case of this image is Propaganda. Now the picture can be use to symbolise many things like news outlet, media,tv, and commercial related things, but I think what Lim is trying to show is North Korea. If you don't know every year North Korea loves to give threats saying they will destroy South Korea like setting the Sea on fire although they never do and just do it for the propaganda. The island seems to represent North Korea and the little guys around it seems to be its brainwash citizens and the big microphones are the announcers threating the other countries around it. As you can see some of the comical factors of this painting is the swimming of a giant cat. I really like this artwork because it is very cartoonish and fun to look out and the piece can be interpert in many ways. Lim like to use of his work to represent the real world and I enjoy his works.
In Kang, Yong Meon sculpture he likes to to stick to tradition , but rather then representing it he likes to transform the figures and reinterpret it. He uses antipathy,negation, and objection together with harmony to use as a basis for his art expirements. In this image it is a sculpture of young Julius Caesar and his excessive ambitions. Along with the korean Peony which is the pink flower that is a important symbol for Korea it represent prosprity and fortune along with good luck. Kang fuses both classical art and modern art to make it something new and diffrent transforming it along with making the sculpture part of his culture and traditions. I really enjoy this sculpture ,because of its bright colors of green blue and pink and how it gives you a mighty feeling when you look at it. You feel just as ambitious as the young Julius Caesar when you look at the image.It was made from brass, pc, and urethane colored coating to give it that look and feel. The sculpture truly is transformed from tradition to something spectaculur
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