design principles

Emphasis and focal points

The emphasis was drawn instantly to the lips. The color that Warhol used was used to draw our eyes instantly there.
Here i first noticed the color of the tent and then the guy below it is also looking and focused on it. This drew my eyes to it as well.
In this piece, the size of Cain showed me his emphasis in it. Also the birds surrounding him too.
You almost want to say that the hill grabs your attention first, but for me, due to the chaos of the rest of the piece, the ship actually grabbed my attention. It is structured and proper.
The even distribution of people is what drew my attention to the child. There are two people on either side of him.
In this piece, Izaguirre used his other characters to draw my eyes to Peter. Also the lighting is bright around Peter and no one else.
The brightness and embrace of the child at the top is the emphasis in this piece. The heads of the people below are also tilted and angled towards Him.
This piece should be pretty obvious. The central point of the piece, the color of that point, and the people all staring at it all draw us into it as well.
In this piece, there are two possibilities for me. The size of the large building on the right ws my first impression. Yet, the simpleness of the town center and complexity of the rest draws me into the center too.
The central distant building is the central point of this piece. It also is double drawn into the water reflection as well which further strengthens this idea.
Credits: All media
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