The Color Green in landscape and flora

All the art pieces have, in relation, the color green as a part of the landscape. Usually as grass, leaves, trees, and/or sometimes the sky. 

This wall art is quite beautiful and detailed. It has a green teal color throughout the wall. The color is really popping in the sky and on the girls clothes. The green is prevalent on the grass too.
The green in this landscape is quite bold and natural. In contrast to the animals and the sky, the color really shades in. The green is most powerful within the shadows of the clouds and animals.
The green color is pretty limited in this massive and beautifully detailed Japanese piece of art. We see it mostly in the leaves of the trees, and in the grass of the mountains. It really sticks out.
This beautiful Manet painting has luscious green flora in the background of this bench. The color really sticks out, masterfully, as it outlines the two people.
Of course! Seurat's Masterpiece. The green kind of meshes with yellow in this piece as grass. It does come out in the shadows though, and it's brilliant.
This is a beautiful van Gogh. It's like a green, grassy savannah in a forest. It's awesome, because it's not only green, but there is yellows, oranges, and whites within the grass.
This dark overview of the Chateau de Fontainebleau. I like this because we see a whole variety of different shades of green in this landscape. Whether it's because of lighting, or because of plant.
The grass and the shrub tree are very smooth, and this is very interesting. If you look closely, the grass is actually articulated with strokes of blue, blacks, and darker greens. Very cool.
I love this painting a lot, in terms of color and flora. Green is everywhere on this painting. Even the look of this art piece has a greenish tint. The pumpkin has green on it! Love it, just love it.
This painting is different for me. There is just a block of green to represent grass on the other side of a "Seawall". Notice that there is very little green beyond the left side of the wall.
The plants and leaves are a perfect cover for the lion. From afar, the darkness of the green subtly hides the lion; truly showing the mutual symbiotic relationship between animal and plant.
The lighting and the shade in the piece really brings out the beauty in natural landscape. The painting really shows the effects of light on leaves: how it goes from dark green to yellowish green.
Another van Gogh, and it's great! He really pulls the cold, north eastern feeling of the coast on this one. I feel the grays and the blues mix and lush between the light greens.
I like this because the Garden of green and yellows actually help the blue and the white (from the stroller and clothes) stick out more. In this painting we know where to look just from colors.
The colors from this painting is quite the looker. We have gold with the perfect green leaves, and the Magnolias themselves. It all compliments each other, and nothing is off.
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