Dog Days

Within this gallery are pieces depicting canines with special relationships to their humans throughout history. Dogs and people have been living alongside one another for so long their presence in every day life seems the only natural way in many cultures.This gallery shows dog days, or rather days with dogs.

Here we see a young boy with two large dogs. The boy appears to be seeking comfort and shelter in his canine companion as he stares into the distance. The dog responds with a protective stance.
In this piece, we see how a dog's standard of living generally reflects their owners. The dogs seem to highlight the desperation of the situation with their exposed malnourished bodies.
The dog's appearance in the portrait shows how important the dog was to the girl. To further depict her fondness for it the girl is shown cuddling the dog. The dog appears to reciprocate the feeling.
The playful relationship between woman and dog is obvious by the facial expressions and body posture. The nudity enhances how easy it is to be vulnerable around our dogs. It is a fun candid scene.
Nero, since it is nice to see the dog named,looks to his owner with a loving expression. The prince pets his dog in a reassuring manner. The overall effect is of a boy loved by a dog named Nero.
Dogs are often more patient than human companions. This dog lays waiting on the woman lost in her thoughts. Although the two are not touching the relationship still shines through.
Seeing a non-western example of art with dogs excited me. It was a pleasant and familiar scene as a dog owner. The colors were also pleasing.
Both the girl and the dog have such excited expressions. The dog appears to reflect the girl's anticipation of homecoming. It looks as if the dog can smell home and cannot wait to be on familiar turf.
This piece has fun, bright colors. The dogs appear to guard by the small human and the chance to get food from the small human. The child in turn appears free to carry on without worry.
We can see how the artist wanted to convey the value of the dog over the portrait. It is clear the dog is the star of the scene and how much the dog is cherished.
Credits: All media
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