Beautiful Light

A selection of oil paintings to showcase the power of dramatic lighting in landscape and interiors

A perfect yet impossible sun, several times of day seem to have been merged
Light both for dramatic and narrative effect
Well observed light touches on the girl's dress
Hardly anything visible, which tells a far greater story
Compositional use to highlight faces and features
Here the entrance to the cave is almost too bright to look out
Rather mysterious composition draws us in through contrast and shadow
Sensuous shadows wander across the landscape
From the master, light here is felt rather than seen
Mediterranean light captured so magically
Attention is first drawn to the light on the ridges, but perhaps the sky is the real star here, at first appearing uniform then slowly revealing intense subtlety and brightness
Subtle but important for both composition and narrative flow
Start contrast yet sumptuous, somehow the snow has warmth on the eye
Simple contrast so effective
Water and light a play in a powerful choice to darken half the canvas
Little to be said, much to be thought
Early electric light and drizzle
An incredible domestic interior
Light covering the emotional range from hope to despair
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