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This gallery includes images from the Presidential funeral of Abraham Lincoln.  In this gallery we will see the funeral sites from Washington, D.C. to Springfield, Illinois.  We will also see how long it took for Abraham Lincoln's body to get to its final resting place in Illinois.  Abraham Lincoln was assassinated on April 15, 1865 and did not arrive at his final resting place until May 4, 1865.  Could you imagine being the last one to see Abraham Lincoln's body after all of that traveling? 

This is an image of the route that was taken to get President Abraham Lincoln back to Springfield, IL after his assassination in 1865. This image uses color to keep your attention on the route taken. There are different blue hues used to distinguish between his route and the many other roads and railroads throughout the United States.
The Funeral Car shows what they transported President Lincoln in after his death at Ford’s Theater. This photo was taken in a way to make to car look bigger than if really was. There are horizontal lines as well as vertical lines to show how the design of the car is made for a President.
Lincoln’s Funeral in Philadelphia is an image that was taken while President Lincoln’s body was being observed in Philadelphia. This was one of the first major cities that the funeral procession stopped in for citizens to view their assassinated President. There are vertical lines that help direct your attention to where the President is in this crowd. He is in the center of the crowd.
Lincoln Funeral Procession Passing Fifth Avenue was taken on April 24, 1865 approximately ten days after his assassination in New York. The procession has a lot of order to it. The marchers are in horizontal lines. There is also depth by the angle that this picture was drawn/taken. The street looks much farther away than it probably is from the artist.
This photo is of the train that President Lincoln was transported on to Cleveland, Ohio. At this point the President has been deceased for about thirteen days. This photo shows that the train depot is completely desolate except for the President’s train. The vertical lines of the train tracks help the view of this photo follow the tracks to the train that the President was in.
Ohio Funeral Obsequies is an image of the actual funeral in Ohio. You can see that the President is front and center of this image. One can see that the President is view from one side only. When viewing this photo, we see that the top of the picture is lighter in color that the bottom half of this image. One can wonder if it was a cloudy day when the President was in Ohio.
The photo of Cook County Courthouse was taken while President Abraham Lincoln Lay in State. This courthouse was located in Chicago, IL. President Lincoln arrived here around May 1, 1865. At this point, Lincoln has been deceased for about a month. He lay here for people of Chicago to pay their respects. The way that this photo was taken, you can see that the building has a circular feel to it. This makes the building seem a little bigger than normal.
While Abraham Lincoln Lay in State in the Cook County Courthouse, they were erecting an Arch for his funeral. On May 2, 1865, Abraham Lincoln’s body was taken from the Courthouse and taken into the streets of Chicago for all to see. The arches for this funeral were so grand and brought attention to the person they were erected for. Even though this photo was taken from a slight distance, one can see how magnificent the arches were.
After Chicago, Lincoln’s body finally made it home to Springfield, IL. This picture is of him lying in state in Springfield. You can see many men and women lined up to see the assassinated president. There are also many guards around protecting the late president. Since the photo is in black and white, we do not have much color contrast except for the light versus dark. It seems like it was daytime when these men and women were lined up just because of the shadows and the brightness on the sidewalk.
Lincoln’s Tomb in Springfield is an image of President Abraham Lincoln’s last resting place. It is a grand tomb for him. There are men guarding the late presidents tomb from robbers/looters. This picture also gives the illusion that it may be day but not with the sun shining. The hills are all on color, there is no shadow from the men. The magnificent archway gives tribute to a great man.
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