One of these things looks like the other

Creating a work of art depicting one side relating to another side can be very difficult to portray. Here are some works of art in which show symmetry.

I chose this piece because I personally enjoy graffiti works and this was a creative way of showing symmetry in my opinion. With an owl face, one side must be equivalent to the other.
I enjoy the many colors used in this piece and found it very creative using the birds as eyes for the face in order to show symmetry.
another graffiti piece in which shows symmetry in order to show a goofy face. The comparison from one side of the face to the other is almost an uncanny resemblance.
I enjoy the Native American a tribal artwork that is represented in this piece. The symmetry is spot on and you can almost see a bird in what looks like the eyes of this piece.
Symmetry not only can be represented in paintings, but in sculptures such as these. I liked whatever the material that was used in order to create this piece; almost a crystal meets water combination.
The pattern on this piece is constant and the whole sculpture is leveled out in order to show symmetry from one side of the sculpture to the other.
Even the the stories of whom ever has died in this sarcophagus may not be of perfect symmetry with the coffin, the rest of it is perfectly aligned with one another side.
Symmetry is also utilized in the creation of this mask. from every stroke of the brush on the face to the width and length of the eyes, nose, and mouth.
This is another mask that shows symmetry if split right down the middle.
I appreciate the sketch of this one. It uses animals and insects in order to show a symmetrical design.
symmetry is also used in in jewelry and this is a great representation of that.
This sideboard not only shows symmetry very well but I particularly like the gold design on the drawers.
the design used in order to create this wine glass is not only a favorite color of mine but can show the line of symmetry especially on the handle of the glass.
With this piece, you could cut it by length or width and still one side would be symmetrical with the other.
I used to do wood carvings myself and this was something symmetrical that I really appreciated. I love the detail and the deep cuts into the wood in order to show the design with more clarity.
This little sea captain caught my eye because it's something relatable to me as afar as being in the navy and being out in the open sea.
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