Heroes in Motion

This gallery is for the heroes of the past and the artwork that expresses their heroism through movement. This is often evident in Asian art work. Before books we had spoken word and art to express our legend and such artwork depicts movement to tell the tales of these heroes.

This is a relief of Mithras slaying the bull. The movement of Mithras cape blowing in the wind, to his knee wrenching into the back of the bull while raising the head of the bull shows such a great level of detail in movement and tells the story of this hero's triumph.
A man surrounded by water standing in the center like a wizard or master of water. Japanese heroic art often makes there heroes one with an element. In this image the flow of the water, his robe, to his body language and stance make the hero look poised and ready to strike.
A man swimming in the ocean while the waves crash down against him he has either fell out of his boat or was tossed out. The sharp lines and deep blue to light blue lines show the movement of the ocean in a storm. But what draws you in the most is the determination in his eyes.
A man riding into battle. The shapes and form of body structure of the man and horse lets you know this is a picture frozen in time. The arch of the warrior’s arm and back. The bend in the front legs of the horse to the mostly straight legs in the back legs make a really telling story of the fearless rush into battle.
A goddess in the foreground with a soldier fighting a demon in the background. The shapes and form of the soldier’s legs and arms show the soldier delivering the killing blow. The arch in demon’s body shows the impact of the death blow behind the goddesses flowing hair. The movement of the piece tells a great story of mans triumph over evil.
A commander in battle while fighting a raging sea. The movement of the smoke and the orange flares of the canons depict an intense battle. The commander is rushing down his ship while the water is splashing into his boat trying to capsize him. The flow of the water to the movement of the man and the smoke depicts this raging battle quite well.
Credits: All media
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