Whack and Blight

A series of positive and negative shapes done mostly in black and white.

I chose this work because of it's blackness and whiteness, and it exemplifies simple repeated shapes that create other simple repeated shapes in their negative space.
This sculptural piece would be very interesting to view from different viewpoints so as to explore the various positive and negative spaces within.
Looking somewhat like a distorted gift wrapped present, the piece seems to leak onto the floor. This is an excellent example of messing with the viewers perception of space. It is easy for our brains to trick us when there is not a lot of information present.
This piece does an interesting job of creating direction in seeming chaos. The center of the piece is made visible by having lines which all travel away from the center point. In the rest of the piece the is not as much uniform directionality.
Although there are shades of blue and grey and other hues, the main reason I picked the piece was the repeated shapes. With so many similar blocks it is difficult for our eyes to establish which are bigger or smaller, and it seems to change as our eyes move across them.
Credits: All media
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