Respect the Perspective

Jordan Douglas 

This piece gives such an illusion of a black hole. It is perfectly portrayed by putting a three dimension work onto a two dimensional surface.
I picked this painting because it gives depth by showing the people on the bus and a small background in the left corner.
The Panneau painting of the two at the window sill looking over the garden shows a perfect example of perspective. Due the mathematical lines it has been stretched far out to give depth.
When my eyes looked upon this painting I couldn't help but gasp. In reality our eyes cannot see how big the sky is. The way this is portrayed shows how massive the sky really is.
The man is in the front of the painting and everyone else is the background very small. It gives the whole portrait much depth.
Because the pillars are so large in the front and the pillars behind are small. It makes perspective come to life in all aspects.
This painting is so surreal to me. All points are lined up perfectly giving the painting so much depth. I felt like I was actually there taking a picture.
This magnificent painting shows the vanishing point come to real life. Our eyes can only see so far and then at some point it vanishes completely. The mountains in the background did that perfectly.
This painting gives a blur to it and makes me feel as if it is an actually picture. The rocks are perfectly alined going up like how it would be for real.
This landscape has an amazing horizon line and shows the outlook from a distant few. Lack of seeing others faces shows that the painting further out.
I had to choose this painting because it has so much detail but curves so exquisitely. The gentlemen are below in the foreground and the ceiling draws itself up.
Most modern artists started tampering with the exact meaning of perspective. But with this painting it hasn't been lost at all. All points are crossing to the horizon and vanishing point, perfect.
What I love about this painting is that the horizon line is right there in front of you. The color shift front dark to light and the mountains are tall enough to make it look realistic.
The vanishing point is right where the sun is. This painting was perfectly done showing the perspective of the boats leaving.
I love the depth in the painting with the mountains fading off in the background. It shows an amazing Linear perspective to it. Also, the branch in the left hand corner shows as if it was up close.
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