Emotion of Individuals

I wanted to compare and contrast the power of human emotion in crisis and sadness by using photography and paintings. The eye is drawn in each of these pieces towards the gaze of the subject in the painting or photograph. The paintings are also in color which adds a different kind of emotion than the black and white photographs. In each art work there is one human that is singled out and focused on by the fact that they are not focusing on the present moment they are in. Instead they seem to be daydreaming in a different perhaps "better" time then the present moment they are experiencing. They cause the viewer to also stop and focus on their thought or gaze and not to focus on their surroundings

The young girl is staring at the viewer and into the camera. It seems as though she is almost angry and her gaze looks more mature than that of a young girl, as though she is forced to grow up.
This caught my eye because the mans eyes are not visible but you can feel his hopelessness and sadness based on his posture. It is hunched over and not optimistic or determined.
The color of the painting is mute and dark, this sets the mood for what the girl on the left is possibly feeling. She is ignoring all of the surroundings and her back is turned from back drop action
The emotion of this woman is very clear based off of her posture and facial expression. She is sad and tired the gaze is making it appear that her thoughts are elsewhere, perhaps a more content place.
The colors draw attention to the young girl and her eyes. The next focus is the deep colors of the fire, none of the colors are hopeful and no one seems to take notice of the sadness of the girl.
The interesting thing with this young boy, is that he looks as though he is wearing a full grown mans coat. This is also a very manly posture and gaze. He seems much more mature than his actual age.
The subject of this work is literally sitting lonely on a pile of dung. The only thing he seems to own is a stick. He appears old and tired and worn out. The bland colors add to the sense of poverty.
This subject is worn and tired. He has many years of hard work shown through his wrinkles and worn out clothes, he appears to look in the distance in a daydream state that is not his present one.
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