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I love the way the clouds are depicted in a swirl and how the stars and moon have a very bright shining feel to them. The colors have a very smooth feeling to them, it gives off a very mellow feeling .
I like how it gives off the feeling that you are spectating the landscape on a diagonal angle from above even though it seems mostly flat at first sight, the tree's shapes are very interesting and so is the technique used to project the texture, I also like the fact that the clouds have a very realistic feel to them, they look very hazy and dispersed.
To me it is very cool how all the tiles fit perfectly into each other to form the lines of the lion's body in an impecable manner. The way the lions golden fur is depicted in a sort of scale-ish way. The lion's facial expression also gives a n interesting feeling of ferocity.
I love how it is hinted that the people in the painting are in a high place, seemingly a considerable amount of **** above sea level since there are cluds in the background that blend color wise with the ground yet there are other less detailed landscapes emerging out of the clouds. To me it seems like a mountain pass in which people gather to have food, play music and enjoy life. The water has a very vivid feel to it and the rees look very organic,
The symmetry of this sculpted stone is astounding, I cannot how difficult it must have been to carve through the stone with such perfection. The name "piedra del sol" is what initially caught my eye, literally speaking it means "sun's stone" and what's more to like is that it actually resembles what a sun would look like if it were to be depicted through a drawing or painting.
This painting immediately caught my attention, my eye was drawn straight to the middle of the painting by the lady holding the little girls hand, the fact that they are facing in a different direction and standing in more light that everyone else is what draws me to look at the middle , I notice that there is not much detail paid to the facial areas of the people in the painting, the first thing i think of when I look at this is the Sfumato style.
This painting has great use of horizon line and rule of thirds, the tower has had a large amount of attention paid to it but as I look around the painting I see that even the ships in the harbor been painted to make it have a realistic looking texture when seem at plain sight. The city all around the tower has just enough detail to look real but not detract attention from the tower or the nobleman at the bottom which in my opinion must be the key points to this painting.
This one has so much going on that I did not even know where to look at to begin with, but that is exactly what I like about it, there is a lot to look at and think about yet there is nothing to actually analyze, It 's very abstract and psychedelic and the use of the bright colors makes me roll my eyes throughout the entire landscape and pa y attention to every single detail in it.
I like how the colors completely contrast each other out and how the background has very little detail yet the are where the woman is at has considerable detail, There is a lot of depth created by blurring out everything behind her , it gives me the feeling that the mountains in the back are farther away than they seem.
This painting is very dramatic, The depiction of satan has a very dramatic pose which strikes me as a merciless demeanor. I find it interesting how the man that is pinned down seems to be having his very life source, his soul sucked out by the jar, the fluid coming out of him has the same colors his body does and his body has a very pale color giving off a the feeling that the man is slowly dying as his life is drained from him, the woman who is crying is also very pale and it is easy for me to see that she is extremely sad and mournful about what is happening to the man. The sea behind the main part of the drawing seems and feels very depressing, the sun has dark red and black colors and gives of a dark illumination or aura, then the sea has a very dark blue, the whole theme of this painting is sad and regretful.
Just the image of this painting is so dramatic and intense. There's so much going on I don't even know what to begin looking at, theres people falling into an abyss at the bottom, there are flames engulfing land and mountains shattering and crumbling everywhere, to me it is a very astonishing image.
The thing I like the most about this one is her facial expression, It gives off a sense of anguish or despair, I dont know if she is dying dead or simply freezing cold in the water but the artist did a great job at capturing that expression. The details in this painting make it look almost lifelike.
It is amazing how the rocky surfaces in this painting are so perfectly shaded and blended, The contrast between what is happening to the left and what is happening in the are of the avalanche . The shading is overall bright but you can still notice the shades around the rocks and sky.
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