The Russian Revolution

Bloodshed to demand their certain right (1905)   Juan Pablo Carvajal and Isabella Morice

In January 22 1905, 200 000 people made a peaceful march to the Narva Gate to request the Tsar less working hours and minimum wage of rouble day.They were led by the Father Gapon.
They were slaughtered by the Cossack just outside the Narva Gate, the Winter Palace.
The consequences of Bloody Sunday were that 400 000 workers refused to work and also they killed the Tsar's uncle.Revolution had Started
After the terrible defeat by the Japanese,the sailors of the battleship Potemkin caused a mutiny in which the government was really worried
In the months of may and june the different classes demanded changes.Liberals demand an elected parliament,freedom of speech,right to form political parties.They all united.
Between the month of June and July the riots increased and the landowners land was being burned down
In the month of september there was a peace treaty between Russia and Japan. Many russian troops were free to come back and help restore order. They were paid more so they would stay loyal.
In October in Moscow all of the opposition groups united and demanded changes,barricades were made on the streets
26 October in Saint Petersburg the Soviet of Workers Deputies was formed.The factory representatives meet organise strike actions.The tsar was in great threat.
The Tsar could give in or use force, there was a chance of massive bloodshed.
On October 30 the Tsar issued the October Manifesto.This promised: -A parliament or Duma elected by the people -Civil Rights -Uncensored newspapers and the right to form political parties
In December all the troops were back on Russia,the tsar felt strong enough to take back control.The army crushed the St Petersburg Soviet and the armed uprisings in Moscow.He got revenge on them
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