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I wanted to choose this art collection because this has always been a part of the art world that has always been interesting for me to look at. I like how advertisements can sway people into thinking a certain way, or make people believe facts, and even buy into scams. Now, propaganda is a little different in making people believe what they are doing for their government is helping the movement or war at stake.

This art piece was really to help calm those who didn’t feel so comfortable under the strict rules of Winston Churchill and how he wanted to win the war by rationing resources. Where on the other side of the coin, if you didn’t enjoy the ease and rules now you won’t enjoy the even more demanding laws of Hitler.
Here they are showing an army man enjoying either a cup of coffee or a cup of soup. With the text superimposed over saying “Do with less- so they’ll have enough!” Really stressing the values of making sure that the average consumer wasn’t over buying for their families, and making sure to be smart with what they have avalible to them.
This propaganda was positioned around taking vacations or long trips, and how they can crowd up an area. This could create stressful situations for those trying to get to and from places to help the war efforts. Also taking up resources that could be used to help win the war.
Here we can see a caravan of troops in a jeep looking prepared for anything. The text says “They’ve got more important places to go then you…Save rubber check your tires NOW!” This was a call for those who have good tires and could spare sending them in so we could use our resources better on building weapons and not rubber tires.
This photo has a list of rules on how to help conserve and help with the war efforts. These would be the key to a victory for the US, making sure that you followed the ration laws, bought more war bonds, and reduced personal debit to help boost the economy.
This was an advertisement alerting women to save the fats from the grease to help making bombs. This was such and important factor that even Disney had a small propaganda video about how saving the fats could help make glycerin to make bombs. Thus doing so helping to win the war.
This was positioned around how small talk could be put together to help win the war. That if you heard anything being said you should tell the government to help put the pieces together so that they would be able to know what Hitler’s plans were for the war, so that the US could stop it.
This propaganda is showing how buying bonds and can help win the war by helping the government help to pay for grenades for the soldiers to fight with. This was something that a lot of people felt would make a huge difference in, and something that almost everyone could do.
This propaganda was another list of things that the government wanted you to accomplish to help with the war efforts. Things like finding time for “war work”, rationing, buying bonds, etc. These things were what would help make for a successful victory in the war against Hitler and help bring our troops back to us.
There is a saying that “loose lips sink ships” and this propaganda message goes to show that. They are warning the public about not talking when they know something about what we are doing to help win the war, there was a huge possibility that the Germans were listening in.
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