Love in all hearts

When you love someone you don't take into account their shape or form... or gender for this reason. Help me support all those in gay communities through expression in art.

It wasn't uncommon for a slave and their master to have a relationship deeper than just that of a master and a slave. But here we see the beautiful love between two women, a Moorish Woman and her Maid
Here we see a community of all women. Power to these ladies and to the artist for having this creativity.
What stands out about this artwork is how love between to men is unbreakable, and they both seem so happy
Here we see how the two men gave into each others eyes with such care. Love comes not only in all genders but in all colors, too.
These two women laying with each other is such an expressive way of gay love.
These Asian women defy the norms of different gender dating. Their love is powerful.
The symbol for the gay community is a rainbow. This beautiful quilt brightly depicts that symbol in a simple yet beautiful way.
Credits: All media
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