Makayla's exquisite Gallery

I focused on landscapes and sculptures that had a odd or loud sight.The pieces I chose for my gallery were very  unique nothing like any I had seen before. The pieces provided large objects in a very unrelated landscape. They also included a lot of nature or wildlife. The paintings included a lot of diversity. Most of the art I chose is by a Korean artist KIm Nampyo. The zebra#8 is a large amount of white and black add a lot of volume to the painting. There is a dimensional view of the zebras body. The color also is a very large part of the painting. There are mostly dark dull colors with strong texture. Then there is also red and blue and a little green to bring out the diversity in the other objects shown. The second painting I found was Bag #1  . This had a very odd object it kinda of reminds me of a jungle gym that you hang on at the park. The circular ball like figure. That brings out the volume of the picture contrasting the dark spots and the pale background. The objects that are aligned on the object bring out the color in the drawing like the red purse , the blue waterfall or the black fur monkey in the tree. The Line are very thick in area within the shape with different colors.

Credits: All media
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