1. The painting is showing a women who i believe is peacefully laying down for what it looks like a hard day at work. 2. I can tell its representative of the style because it is and looks very realistic. 3. i choose this painting because it caught my eye. The women laying their is what caught my attention. i do not like it , its very boring.
1. this is a painting describing a picture of trees blowing in the wind. 2. this is relating to its style because the nature is its main purpose of the painting pointing out the nature of the blowing trees. 3. what stood out to me was it looked like a picture you'd find from california. It looked very pretty drawn.i like this drawling a lot.
1. this painting is a picture of sailors on a boat going through the rough sea trying to stay on a survive. 2. i can tell this a good representation of this style because it is very realistic and referring to maybe a specific event. and making it more realistic. 3. i chose this painting because it stood out to me by their actions in the painting.
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