a Montage of art disciplines

A look at different art styles

I liked how the color of the medium helped to put the viewer in a pleasant mood. Then the other colors helped to cause a gradual mood shift.
It shows early line drawing which is what carved the way to where art is now.
It shows symmetry but also caught my eye.
I would say perspective. Also it reminds me of a student at Full Sail, with the airplane.
Shows a difference in color. The left picture has an eerie feeling to it. The right one has a calm feeling to it.
Perspective. Painting shows depth through the angels flying in the air.
Composition. Shows the two guys with the things important to them in the center. And also the skull strategically placed in the center.
Symmetry. The building has a pattern with the placement in the center and the spacing of the windows.
Texture. A very detailed art piece on the medium that was used.
Texture. Instead of traditional medium this one was done on brick.
Composition. The artist placed the centaur in the center for the main focus. It looks like he was saving a friend while also defending himself.
Color. The bright background with the rainbow makes this piece look peaceful. Magnificent art piece.
Color. The sun in the back is setting a happy mood and the lush green landscape draws you in.
Perspective. Shows depth with the water and the smoke from the guns. And also the massive armies scattered around.
Color. The scene and the colors used show a sign of depression. It looks like the aftermath from a war.
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