Russian Revolution 1917

Chris, Henry and Laura 

Tsar Nicholas II and his family. He is seen as one of the main causes of the problems in Russia and one of the primary causes of the Revolution.
Russia in WW1 - Tsar Nicholas takes control of the army in an attempt to motivate the troops but it backfires when every defeat is now seen to be his fault.
Stalin and Trotsky speaking
Following his return to Petrograd, Lenin made a series of speeches that were published in Pravda (The Bolshevik newspaper) of what his goals were. This became known as the April Theses.
Following the October Revolution there were lots of parties that wanted to take power. The Bolsheviks secured their power through fighting off groups such as Kerensky's loyal troops.
Due to his incompetence and the other problems in Russia, Tsar Nicholas abdicates which ends the Monarchy.
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