Andre Myklebust

Ancient egypt 

People would use this bowl to drink and put food in it. The bowl is green and made of glass.
This is called Ba. It is the human headed bird.
This cup is the cup that people would use to use to drink. They would selabrite with it.
This is two men talking and they are having fun. Hahaha. They are about to arang stuff.
This is the biggest beard iv'e ever seen. The beard is blue and colorful.
The chalice is just like the cup but it is taller and wider at the top. This is used for candles and drinking. And it has design of blue stone.
This glass bead has many colorful beads. It is made of strong millefiori cane.
This is a good luck charm stone. It helps you not get bad luck.
This is a Nespanetjerenpere. They would use this to put dead people it.
The would wear this to a dance or an event. This is made of fly pendant.
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