In this photo the use of line is visible because of how the artist uses is by the moon and sky area. The line structure is simple but curved. Creating an effect of wind and it makes the moon stand out. Making it seem bright and makes it look like the main focal of the picture.
This image has a lot going on. There are many shapes and different designs connected with lines. All the shapes and designs have some sort of structure using lines. Most of them are curved lined and they just go in every direction. This picture combines many different shapes which include line and make the picture seem happy and excited with different shapes, colors, and designs
This mural on the far side of the city just says rise but the lettering uses line. The letters are outlined and contoured. It creates an effect which the letter stand out. Not even included in the mural but the city buildings use line. All the building around the city have horizontal lines shaping them down. Even the sky line is horizontally shaped.
This street art represents a lot of curved lines. The image sets the mood of happiness based on the faces and just the overall structure of the curved lines. This picture uses only vertical eyes to represent the body of the character.
Line is really detailed in this picture because it's hard to really see it but we can tell the artist used line to help shape the structure and the women. All the birds at the very top represent line they are small horizontal lines that seem to be paired together to create birds.
This picture has an obvious line structure but the lines in this picture create a mood of fear or anger since they are all cross hatching. The lines are mostly thick and really shaded in. There is a pair of eyes in this picture. Maybe it is to represent a persons face and the lines show expression. They show fear through the lines and the eyes
This represents line very clearly and the lines give it a sad type of mood. Even by the title of the painting it says "their cry". The lines in this picture are mostly vertical. The lines seem to be coming down like they are crying or depressed. Each lines has it's own unique shape some are a little curved but mostly all of them are going in a vertical motion.
I like how this image shows a lot of texture and feel. You feel like the person is actually real. In the picture the use of line is not clear but we know the artist used it at some point. I think that line was generally used around the hands and the face area. He uses a lot of vertical lines to create the hands and it's texture.
I like this image because it's really simple. Yet again it also describes a little town or village. The use of line is really visible, especially how the building are made. This painting consists mostly of vertical lines. Creating the building structures. There is also a use of horizontal lines by the staircase creating a couple of stairs.
This image has a lot of line stricture. This image is basically made up of all lines and there is different types such as vertical and horizontal. The lines also create a mood of anger because of how they are overlapping. All the lines in this picture are smoothly drawn and flow right along. There is also cross hatching going on in the picture.
This is a type of street art and line isn't uses anywhere except the lettering area. I thought this image was cool and artistic and it makes the letters pop out and seem like they are actually in front of you. This image uses curved lines to get the shape of each letter. Each letter has it's own unique shape of connecting with each other.
I think this artwork represents line in a clear way. It also represents a kind of sad or depressed tone since some of the lines are dripping down and that represents sadness. There are many different lines in this painting. Such as horizontal, vertical, they always cross hatch to create a 3D effect with the color.
This artwork doesn't really clearly show the use of line but as seen by the eye are the lashes are obvious lines. The general formation of the is a curved horizontal shape. There is not much color but i think it's a cool addition to the building. The eyes seem to pop out because of how they are shaded in. There is contouring going on to make the eyes seem realistic.
I thought this was a cool picture because of how the women is drawn over an map. The lines this artist uses are horizontal and vertical to frame her face and make the hair which gives the whole effect in this picture. I think line is clearly stated because when you first look at the picture all you see is her hair and at the lines that detail the picture.
This picture clearly states the use of line. The main focus is line in this picture, it uses cross hatching and the different lines reflect off of each other creating a 3D effect and an illusion. There are mostly straight lines in this picture but they are horizontally and vertically places, crossing over each other.
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