Commentary of Color

A palette of emotion.

The vast use of warm colors in the background and the people convey a fun high energy enviroment.
In this painting the warm color palette provides a warm sense of familiarity.
This images color scheme is peaceful and inviting, it's tranquility captured perfectly.
The subtle contrast from warm to cool colors provide a relaxing tranquil feeling as day shifts into night.
The dramatic use of both warm and cool colors in such contrast weave an image of fear and surprise.
The overwhelming use of cool colors instill a true sense of fatigue and the bright sky seems to lend into the idea that everything will be okay if they can overcome this hardship.
The cool blue colors convey a sense of loss while the cool yellows convey a sense of disheartened relief.
The cool earth tones lead up to warm blue sky sell the point of this painting that there is no glory without sacrifice.
Cool color especially blue are often used to convey sadness or despair, the look on Van Gough's face seems to hint at a loss of hope.
Red is a color of passion and martyrdom is the ultimate sacrifice one can make as it is an act of selflessness for the greater good.
The use of cool blues and greens convey a sense of foreboding paranormal awe.
The use of cool colors really drives home the title "distress" in this painting.
Red is a color best suited for passion, but in this painting it represents fury and the surrounding darkness is hopelessness.
Another use of reds fury in the hopeless darkness. This however communicates a sense of fear and awe with cool blues and yellows.
Hope and determination can be felt by the light warm colors that are used portray the generals as they ride into the darkness.
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