High Renaissance Beauties - Pedro Morales

In this gallery, I will be examining pieces of art work from the High Renaissance era that include women. Evaluating how women were perceived in not only just paintings, but also sculptures and drawings of this special era. An era with some of the greatest creation of art were made.

In this painting by Titian, the crowd is in a uproar while a man, who looks to be Jesus Christ, is being brought out of the building. The colors for this paint have a lady in a white dress stick out from everyone else in the crowd. She is the only one dressed in pure white and because white is the color for purity it is suggested that she is pure and innocent in the current situation that is going happening.
In this scene it shows a woman with 3 hounds who looks to be hunting down a man and manages to kill. All the dark shades of color throughout the painting force you keep looking at the tough woman. This woman is obviously depicted to be strong and knowledgeable in the art of hunting, being able to use a bow and hounds.
This painting shows a farm women holding a naked baby on her lap. This woman who is probably the caregiver to this child looks like a strong woman who tends to the child on her own. Also, considering that her and her son both have halos shows they are holy in some manner.
This painting by Michelangelo shows a woman breast-feeding a baby as 3 people surround her. The woman on the left looks to be helping Madonna, who is probably Mary, as the other two men look to be worshipping her. With all these people there for her she is probably a powerful woman as she is also sitting on a thrown.
This painting depicts a woman playing with her son as a man is creeping over he shoulder watching the baby. One could say the woman is Mary, baby Christ, and the man God as he watches over his son Jesus. This woman as most woman were back in the High Renaissance is the primary caregiver to the child. She also looks to be an independent on her own.
This painting shows the goddess Venus laying in bed as a man plays the organ for her amusement. The man staring at Venus looks to be looking for approval from the goddess as she ignores him paying attention to only the angel next to her. Venus is depicted as a powerful woman who has men at her feet literally as shown in this painting.
The farm woman in this photo is sitting on her own land taking care of her two children. She looks to be the only caregiver to these 2 children and is all alone on with these children. She is reaching around both the boys looking to keep them both safe a protect them.
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