The art of the guitar:

Taking a closer look at the way the guitar is portrayed in many cultures.

This piece is very different. The representation of the guitar is unlike other. A key use of line causes this optical illusion that we see. The artist has an unusual way of representing something many others see in a standard way. Another thing I like about this piece is the way the artist included sheet music into the table as well. This is very creative.
If you didn't read the titled on this piece you may be very confused. The end result is to see a woman reclining while holding a guitar. The shape plays an important part here as this is our only hint in figuring out what this is. Other than that this piece isn't very descriptive.
This piece includes a man holding a guitar/violin type instrument. The way the color schemes fight back and forth drives the emotion of the work. The straight on perspective of this piece allows a full view of the instrument. Further glance at this piece again shows some form of sheet music in the body. This seems to be a common trend.
I've noticed a trend of the artists included the person into the instrument. This may just be the way the perspective portrays it, or it could be purposefully done. The Harlequin is full of bright colors which are appealing to the eye. You can see he is in the foreground of the picture due to the depth in the background.
This piece isn't complex at all. It is a very simple photo of a Les Paul guitar. After seeing this regular picture it makes you think about the previous few which had very abstract designs of the body. The bright color is warm and opening to the eye. It grabs your attention.
This looks very sad. I think it is due to the texture and pattern that is used. It is very vague but it doesn't feel warm and welcoming. You can see the guitar is laying on a table and seems to be a regular shape. There is a slight movement in the piece but nothing too extreme.
This much older piece has a lot of emotion behind it. You can see the amount of space behind the player and can tell he is far away from the city. The perspective is definitely out of the city. This makes me think of a man who had a troubled life and just wanted to get away and relax for once. Now he finally can do so.
The pattern one this piece is unlike any others. This seems like a symbols of maybe native americans. They decorate their musical instruments to not only sound beautiful but look that way as well. This is truly a piece of art. The color is very dark but it is expected for the time period.
This piece of work seems very open and carefree. This woman finally gets the chance to express herself and is enjoying every minute of it. The spatial perspective allows you to see the whole room she is in. You can see chairs are knocked over which backs up my careless feel.
This piece is very blurry but still gets the message across. You can see the man is enjoying playing his guitar. Overall you can just see the happiness across the entire gallery and what one object can do in a number of lives. The patterns in this piece help show what the object is.
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