Repeat after me.....

These pieces were chosen because of repeating or recurring images or patterns which create movement and rhythm.  Rhythms can be regular, random, alternating, progressive or flowing.  As you view these images, note all the individual pieces that make them whole. Feel free to let the movement take you to places inside yourself that you have not yet explored. 

The incredible yellows and blues of this painting are comforting and encourage feeling the patterns inside of ourselves. The subdued yellow circles seem to be chasing the bright yellow of the sun while the stars are swirling to catch us as the repetition of the houses seem to present us with a safety net to fly. The movement seems to be regular and flowing.
This basic black and white checkerboard is so familiar that the undulation of the squares being pushed together creates a curiosity. Where are these squares going? Are more being pushed and for what purpose? This technique creates a flowing rhythm.
Credits: All media
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