Lines in Art

Anthony Rizkallah's descriptions of line in certain unique artwork.

I picked this image because it is one of my favorite art peices, and it is very well known.In this art peice I see many different curved lines. One curved line is the outline of Mona Lisa's head.
This art piece caught my eyes the second I saw it because its so appealing. An element that Is so valid here is texture. The artist made the tree look thicker and 3d. The tree has texture and pops out.
I like this because it shows all the different flags. This painting has implied lines. The border of Canada and America have different colors and it is divided by an invisible line that is there.
This painting looks very misterious. I see some very thick lines. The black lines are very thick and they are used in a very unique way. It seems like they are scribbled there but thats what makes this cool.
I see focus lines in this pond with lillys. Around the lillys there are little lines that are bringing you in and drawing you out. The little lines around something are focused and they bring texture.
There are thin lines in this picture of a bed room. The thin lines are the black lines that outline the furniture like the bed and chair. There are also thin green lines in between the creases in the floor.
In this picture, I see many verticle lines. There is like 20 blue and white lines that are going up and down. This is a very simple picture of verticle lines. This strait lines are the only thing in this picture.
This picture uses very unique lines. This picture looks cool because the man is the shape of the implied lines. There are thick implied lines in this because you can see them with your eyes. These implied lines are used to separate color.
I like this because it looks very unique and looks like a stained glass window. The element used here are concentration (density). There is an area on the right where all of the lines are bunched together.
This picture is overwhelming and I really like it. There are many uses in this picture of lines but diagonal lines stick out. THe line separating all of the objects reveal diagonal lines.
I see contour lines in this painting of Jesus Christ. I picked this picture being He is our king. I see contour lines outlining the cross. Bold lines outlining the cross.