Human Figure

Her dress is very colorful and her proportional charactersistics match with the comparision of a dog
the old knoight stile suit is very cool and I like how this human figure reflects the proportion of the other figures around him
this human figure caughts my attention because of the way it is potrayed to be a sort of aman, withe very long arms but short legs
I am amazed of the delicate sketching of the suit and the details given by the artist to show how the man is sad and thinking, probably passing b y a very bad situation
This 21st century artwork is given by the representation of people who seem very expressive as if they were very hard workers. Therefore, I think that they work in some sort of farm in hot weather conditions because the men have hats and the women may probably do some other kind of job, which is, less tough, like working probably in their own house :P
Credits: All media
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