Art Institute of Chicago: Exploring Impressionism

This is a work in progress. This is a general outline for a lesson to look at Impressionists, their methods of mark making, and how it’s come to affect art in the 20th and 21st centuries. This was a gathering exercise for me, to see what kind of information I could find from the Art Institute of Chicago to include in a few pieces in a gallery I made.

I’ve listed 6 works of art that have resources attached to them. Some of these resources are activities, some are just simple videos, and some are in depth articles about the history of artist or work. What I’m trying to do is set ** a simple outline someone can see the attached resources and use if they so choose.

Personally, when using this set **, I would have a word document/power point open with the links that I would want to use with the title explaining why I was using it. That way we could focus on looking at the art and not reading too much. If I was sending a link out to students to view this at home, I would put which links I would want on each piece and they could ***** through them there. Art Institute of Chicago Resource
Credits: All media
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