Fairies, Goblins, and Trolls... OH MY!

What do we know about the little creatures hiding underneath the underbrush, or the corner of your eye?

This painting depicts the King and Queen of the fairies, Oberon and Titania. The two are arguing with each other as their many servants and subjects continue to watch or return to their own devices.
Welcome to the beautiful world of Wonderland, the magical place which is the first land that you would think of when you think of mischievous little creatures hiding out of sight.
This young woman had walked through the forest to find herself confronted with a village of goblins, all of whom holding trays of tempting food to bewitch her with. Never accept food from strangers!
Here is a group of fairies who are singing and dancing under the cover of the Dock Leaves. Here they celebrate the joys of nature and their love of the forest.
This beautiful ode is dedicated to the beauty of nature and the love that the fairies have for nature. This speaks of something that's far greater than oneself, something that you read, you see through another's eyes.
The image of a young woman who had gotten lost in the bog. Danger is all around her with the creatures hiding beneath the surface, and only now is she starting to see the trouble that she's in.
The ghostly figures of fairies dancing under the light of the fading sun. Glistening lights and flowing wind, beings made of pure light are still full of so much light.
Little goblins and fairies all gathered around a toadstool, laughing, partying, and enjoying their carefree lives as thoughts of mischief are on their minds.
Fairies dancing and swimming in the lake with swans drifting with calm grace with them. With colors woven like water, this is more a dream than anything else.
With a face so ugly, only a mother could love him. But that will not stop this troll from taking a beautiful woman with him to be his wife back in the kingdom of trolls.
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