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Female’s Perspective of the World

In Katy Deepwell’s essay, Feminist Curatorial Strategies and Practices Since the 1970s, Deewell explains the approaches used by galleries and museums when displaying work created by females, prior to the 1970s feminist movements and during. To understand the strategies used to introduce artwork created by women, we must first understand the curatorial practice used by feminist curators, this is to maintain the balance of making the artwork polemical as well as contribute to society as a whole. A common description on a feminist show would be when the exhibit, temporary, of course, is a spearheaded by a canon of females and showing pieces created by females. While the curator may be the “keeper of culture” or hostess, those above them in the food chain are more than likely male. This would explain why major museums may have independent, temporary galleries displaying contemporary feminist art. An example, would be the Womenhouse created in 1972 by Judy Chicago and Miriam Schapiro, which was a temporary exhibit by feminist artists house put on display their social commentary of female roles in society. Ultimately Deepwell established that it as long as there is a divide in art history for gender their will continue to be imbalance in women’s exhibits. However, in Female’s Perspective of the World, the collection of photos, paintings and drawings exhibit multiple careers, roles still present within society and artworks that shatter the divide between genders.

This painting represents one of the few careers that were suitable for females in the earlier 20th century, Today the world of dance is a thriving career path for females and has been dominatily showcased females as the pillars of art.
this painting is the personification of the old hollywood standards creating a highly obsessed society with a glamorous lifestyle.
This photo of a female holding on to a rifle breaks the stereotype of what is considered feminine or masculine.
This painting showcases the lifestyle choices of a female, the pomegranate can be metaphor for life and that she is literally take a bite of it.
This painting shows the submissive role of the female in the early 20th century.
This photographer exemplifies the many issues female deal with. In this era of the Great Depression this migrant mother became the face of the nation.
This drawing of a female is provocative for the era showing the behind of a female, breaking the ideals of the victorian era female.
This photo displays a week younger female that portrays the stereotypical female.
This painting breaks the culture sphere by introducing the african american culture. It was created after the assination of John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Malcome X.
While Marilyn Monroe is known for her sexuality, but this photo shows a soft almost angelic side .
This mother playing coy , is a different way of seeing motherhood.
Salomé is a known seductive women in the New Testment, this was one of the first female characters that broke the traditional view of the virtuous female.
This painting is a females honest version of a personal tragedy.
This drawing is a representation of societies perception that females need more nurturing the males.
This sculpture celebrates the tendency of women to nurture their offspring regardless off any unique characteristics.
This painting represents the seductive side of a female, an attribute that is not shown often because it is in conrtast to the norm.
This painting shakes up the classic ideal of a tight knit family, instead it gives the sense that there is something wicked, and they are responsible for it.
This photograph shatters the perception of the shy, reserved female sexuality.
This painting shows the typical vision of a female, in a nurturing her offspring.
This photo showcases the female with a masculine stance shattering the stereotype of what makes a female feminine.
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