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By Rio Roberts

I like the way that this photo is faded out, like it's an old family keepsake from many years ago. I like that I can't tell if this is a person or a statue, and she is tilting her head away from me like she is bashful.
I like how much passion is captured in this photo. So many emotions are flowing and it seems as though the person in white is almost flinging themselves from the staircase. I like that there is a real story for this painting, but I can imagine my own scenario.
I like this photo because it reminds me of an old gucci, or old mens perfume advertisment. It seems like this is in italy, or greece even though I can't see any of the backgound. I like that I can imagine the rest of the are just from this man.
I like that i have no idea what this is. It's burned and charred, but it's still interesting. I like how white the background is to create a really nice contrast.
I really like how blurred this photo is, with the rain pouring outside. You get the feeling it is in an attick, but the scale size of the photo is completely relative and this could be a doll house, or a true to size person.
I really like the supernatural aspect of this painting. I know that there is some kind of break from reality described, and I like the chaos that I can tell is starting to ensue. It seems like the visualization of some internal battle.
I like how creepy this photo is. You can tell something wrong is happening, and the painting gives off a really depressed and eerie feeling. I like how bright it is, even though something dark is happening. I think that this could be a metaphor for a lot of different things.
I really like how ambiguous this photo is. Theres no phase, and it's almost not human. You can't tell if it's male or female and it's right in the middle of a motion. I like the way the shadows reflect ff the skin, making it look wet and shiny.
I like this painting because it is very eerie. Her face is very haunted and I like that you can't see anything except for her face. Her hair flows nicely and the shadows on her face give a lot of depth.
I like how frightning this painting is. You don't know whats under the sheet, but you can only assume it to be a body. The flowers add a sort of disturbed romance, and the setting looks like a dungeon. I love this.
I like the perspective of this photo, it seems as though I am riding a vespa with this man, or on a bike. The buildings are beautiful, and the way his hair blows in the wind makes this an interesting action shot.
I like this photo because it's my favorite time of day, right before dark. I don't like that the whole painting is tinted brown almost, and I don't like the lack of a story, Theres nothing thrilling about it.
I like that although their is color in this, the flower is back. It's not traditional, and it's almost a little poisonous and symbolic. I don't like the background, and the leaves are very understated.
I like this because it seems like very traditional japanease art. I don't like how simple it is, and it bores me a little.
I like the way that this looks like a landscape. It's so abstract that it could be anything, but the colors all blend in to a symbolic landscape.
I like how this photo is a black and white sunset, muted yet vivd. The people all seem to be so enthralled in what they are seeing, in what looks like the edge of the world.
This painting is very disturbing, but i enjoy how the woman almost blends in with the tree like she has killed herself and returned to the earth. The shadows in the sky make it even more stormy and unsettling.
I love the way this photo shows me an entire journey. Whatever is happening, these people are struggling, dirty and abused. But they are fighting back against whatever is holding them down, and it makes it a very powerful image.
I enjoy how little I know about the situation, This could be a club or a brothel, or a family reunion. The air looks dirty like there is smoke lingering, and I can almost imagine the girls swaying about.
I like this painting because It makes me think of when it was painted, of a tortured artist in some run down NYC sublet, surrounded by empty chinese boxes slinging paint hoplessly at a canvas
This picture is just stunning. This woman's face is so majestic, but she also looks incredibely wise, like she has seen so much yet she keeps her lips pursed and stays in the background regardless of the fact that she is full of knowledge.
I love this photo because I know it has a story. The person's position is so childlike, and humble, it makes one wonder what happened. The muted setting leaves all the focus on this person, and I like how you can't tell gender, but it doesnt even matter.
I like the way that the black and white shading makes it look like this entire mountain is a burn victim, and it makes me think of the start of a journey. I like that I don't know where this is either.
I love this photo because the perspective is great, a snapshot through a lovers eye at his beau still asleep. I like that i dont know if this woman is a prostitute or a wife, but it doesn't matter because neither would take away form the beauty.
I like how little i really know of whats going on. It's a painting with a story. I like how the water is so dark and the woman shines brightly out of it in white, it's almost symbolic. you don't know if that man is helping or hurting her.
I like the perspective of this photo, looking through the waves back to the shore. The waves look choppy and rugged, like this is a snapshot of a drowning man's last breath before the waves overtook him.
I like the way this painting looks like the cover of a horror movie. It makes me wonder about what went on it that house, or who lives there now. the black backround looks like smoke and adds to the overall unease this creates.
I love this because the woman looks so wise and sad. She seems dangerous, maybe from the cigarette and her hair tells me that she isn't the typical girl next door. She's tragic and beautiful all at once.
I love the ominous feeling. I don't know whether this is a jail or a home, but it seems very lonely and gives me a sad feeling. I like that there are no people in this, it adds to the emptiness.
I like how creepy and disturbed this image is, like an old film photo you would find in an attic. The boys face is monkey-like and gives a haunted circus feel. The background of the all keeps the focus on the boy.
I love the way so much of this painting is hidden. The way she's holding her drink, the way that they are looking at each other makes this a cool snapchot into the exciting moment that two young lovers meet.
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