face it!  Graffiti is art.

A collection of graffiti faces from around the world showcasing contrast, color and perspective.

When most people think of graffiti they don't think art, they think vandalism. Which is mostly true, however it's still a form of art and expression. Some of the best graffiti pieces i've seen have included human faces. The detail and the time and effort it must have taken to complete this piece is amazing. The look and expression on her face is powerful and moving.
Here is a colorful piece thats actually not on the street but in a museum. Another awesome thing about these graffiti faces is the size of the pieces. You can see in this particular piece has a huge face the size of the whole wall. The realistic detail and color blending is crazy. His expression is shocking and bright just like the colors used in the painting.
This particular piece caught my eye not only for the girls face but for the small figures she's holding and the passage written in Spanish above her. The passage reads "The past can be a gift for our future." I really enjoy the dark and eerie feeling it has. A lot of it has to do with the eyes and her expression and the overall colors of the graffiti.
This piece has amazing detail. This definitely took a lot of time and effort. The style fits perfectly with the wear and tear of the building. The rugged look of the face of this man matches the scenery and the building. You can tell a lot about some one just by looking at their face. A lot of times graffiti artists use many different styles of spray tips to get the desired spray patterns and techniques they're looking for.
This graffiti is really interesting because its not really focusing on the face, but on what lies beneath the face. I can see a lot of symbolism here. It has many layers and colors and when your eyes reach the head of the character you see a bunch of little things inside the head. I'm not sure were the artist was going with this one but its pretty cool to look at.
This is obviously a painting of our President Mr. Barack Obama. It has been graffitied multiple times on many different walls around the world by the original artist. It's also been conveyed a couple of different ways with different one word messages underneath President Obamas face. The colors are of course red white and blue. The patterns and style is cool.
Im not sure who this is or who its supposed to be but the contrast of this painting against the light building really pops out with the black paint. And again the detail and the sheer size of the painting is incredible that someones able to do such a large scale piece or work in usually a short amount of time and with great detail.
The colors on this one is what got me. Here is a face of what looks like a little boy or possibly a girl with short hair. The colors are so vibrant and vivid. The colors work really well together keeping it a "cool color" theme. The white in the eyes make this piece really intense.
Another painting (done by a completely different artist) depicts the side profile of a person with a detached face just like the painting at the beginning of the gallery. Again you can see the detail wasn't really put into the face but whats in-between the detached face and the remaining head. The main difference in this piece is the lettering in-between the face and head instead of the layers like in the the piece.
You could tell by the style and by the look of the face that this was done by the same artist that did the little girl with the Spanish phrase. It looks like he even used the same lettering. Often graffiti artists use a trademark or a specific little flair that they add to their artwork to identify the artist, the lettering may be this artists trademark. The face in this painting is sad, you can tell a lot of expressions just by looking at the body position and posture but what really sell the emotion is the facial emotions.
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