The Eye of Perspective

The way the painting is make it seems like the ceiling is taller than it really seems making it look like its alive.
The lights and shadows has a the feeling of it being real as though i'm the one standing and looking in .
The detail in the painting , the boats that seem far off in the distance bring the painting to life.
The people peeking over the clouds and sides of the painting giving the feeling of being there the way the people are painted seems as if there moving as well.
This painting gives off a calm and relaxing feeling, seems like I to am leaning on one of the pillars like i'm really there.
If you look at the pillars and ceiling it seems as if I can walk right in to the picture and join them . It also gives off the feeling of happiness with all the light tones and colors.
Heres another one giving the feeling of really being there, By looking at the arch way in the distance and how everything gets smaller makes this painting also come to life.
This painting gives the feeling of happiness watching all the people talking to one another, the shadows in this one make it seems like the pillars are really going in giving the feeling of it being real.
The way the cloth folds and the detail in the carpet and shadow, and light coming from the window makes it look like a photo as though i'm looking through a lens about to take the picture.
I think if it wasn't for the light shining on the sides of the building it wouldn't look as if it were really, because of those light and shadows and the reflection in the water it seems if I am standing on a bridge.
This one is a bit off to me, if you look at the girl with the black dress she seems as if she is sitting in mid air, but then when you look at the door way it looks like i can be one of those girls walking down the path.
This painting gives a feeling of a loud and crowded place, by looking all the way to the back makes it seems like everyone is talking and it would be very noisy.
Here another piece of artwork giving the feeling as though the ceiling is higher than is really is. Bring the picture to life with all the people doing different things and the shadows and highlights bring the painting out more.
By looking at the arch ways gives it depth because of the lighting and shadow effects making it seem like you can walk right in to the picture.
Because of the shadow in this one gives the picture depth as thought there is more to this room other than the messy clutter and the two people in it.
Credits: All media
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