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Medium: Painted Limestone Description: The Relief illustrates a group of donkeys lined side by side. The animals are outlined in the sculpture to show importance of these creatures to the Egyptians.
Medium: GLass Description: the Vase is a rich blue with white zigzags and curved lines like waves of the ocean. The pattern's lines slow from top to bottom. The Vessel was found in Saqqara, Egypt.
Medium: Carved limestone Description: Nehy sit on a thrown holding a staff used to worship the Goddess Hathor. Her Physical demeanor physical appearance represent her wish for wealth in the afterlife
Medium:Glass Description: The hollow glass vessel forms a simplistic fish, made of transparent glass painted yellow, blue and green.The normality of the fish gives him significance to Egyptian time.
Medium: limestone Description: This Relief was taken from the tomb of a man known as Itws, the side profiled face carved in the stone is of the man. There is a staff in his hand and inscriptions.
Credits: All media
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