Art Element

Actual lines of his hat and eyebrows are diagonal and angled in the same direction of the implied line of his gaze. These diagonals communicate drama in the work (supported by his intense expression).
The actual diagonal lines in the snow communicate movement in the work. These run alongside the implied line created by the traveling people. The diagonal lines support the action in the piece.
The implied directional lines created by the gaze of the women to the man directs the viewer towards the man. The cross creates a diagonal directional line as well directing attention to the man.
The actual horizontal line across the men of the shadow of sunset along with the implied horizontal line created by the men's heads/gazes creates a calmness.
The actual diagonal lines on this seal are also directional, they direct the viewers eyes to what appears to be the handle of the seal with possibly an adornment at the tip.
The actual horizontal lines of the land and water connote the peacefulness of the nature. The actual vertical lines of the wall and man's shirt connote stability of man/man-made elements of the photo.
Implied lines can be drawn in all directions, but most noticeably between the same-colored dot rows horizontally and the different colors vertically. This connotes stability and peace in the home.
Vertical lines of authority in the pillars/windows of the building communicate authority while the lack of many lines in the nature can connote freedom in a way.
Actual vertical lines created by the trees could create order, but the fairly random order of the trees and the disordered plant growth on the floor seem to add an element of disorder.
During the representation meeting, the actual vertical lines of the windows bring an air of authority to the photo and the implied horizontal lines created by the rows of people bring a sort of peace.
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