Miss Peregrine's Home for peculiar children

This picture showcases the prologue. This is when Jacob's grandfather Portman would tell him stories about the peculiar children and their special talents on the island he used to live on. Jacob thought he was lying, but would listen anyways, because he was a little kid at the time. His grandfather would show him pictures of the kids with special powers like invisibility or levitation. After getting a little older he stopped believing his grandfather and asked him to stop telling the stories. This was the moment their bond wasn't as close.
This house represents Jacob's grandfather Portman's house that was described in chapter one. Jacob goes to his grandfather's house after a phone call from him asking Jacob where the key to his gun box was. With Jacob being worried he went to visit his house. The house was described as cold and as a wreck. When reading it gave me this abandoned house in the woods vibe and I think this picture represents that. This is also the moment where Jacob sees that his grandfather is dead. Jacob believes he saw a creature with tentacles and thinks that the creature killed his grandpa.
After finding an address Jacob and his family goes to the island his grandfather was living on and he meets the peculiar children. This where he also meets Emma one of the peculiar children who can see monsters. This is the moment when Jacob realizes his grandpa wasn't lying. In this moment is when I felt things got interested. This picture is not to capture their physical looks, but the feeling of the children as an group.
This is the moment Miss Peregrine tells Jacob that the white eyed wights were following him and coming after him. White eyed wights are one of the peculiar children. They have milky pale skin and their pupils are white everything in their eyes are white. This picture represents that feeling of him against those wights. I also chose this picture, because there are a group of people in masks with white pale skin and what looks like no eyes and I feel it gives that same creepy feeling as the book.
These two houses represent Jacob's decision between staying at the home with Emma and the others or going back home to his dad. Then he's faced with the problem that he doesn't have a choice, because Miss Peregrine says no one can leave, but Jacob is worried about his father. So this picture represents his two homes and which one he should stay at.
This last picture represents the tragic moment of the the home for the peculiar children being bombed. This is the exact moment Jacob decides to stay with Emma and the rest of the children. Now they have to figure out where to go from there.
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