The colors of nature - Matheus Braz

Every day, we can look around, go to museums and observe amazing pieces of art our fellow humans created. But what a lot of people don't notice that planet earth creates very beautiful sights to see. Let's take a quick look at what mother nature has been working on for thousands of years.

In this piece, we can see the Hudson River in the background and a small hill on the foreground. On this hill, we see a small town and what seems to be a cathedral a little to the left. The themes I chose are Colors and Nature, I think this painting is a great example of my choice. Even with this being a painting, you can see how well the green from the plants and the blue from the water blend and how natural it looks.
In this painting, we see an amazing landscape with canyons, what looks to be a river and a small forest. On the foreground, we can see a cowboy herding cows. We can see in this painting that the colors look very different from the first picture, this one has a lot more yellow due to the arid of the location, but the green from the trees bring a little life back to it.
This is a picture of the Botafogo beach, right next to where I used to live in Brazil. We can see all the mountains on the background and in the foreground we see a man sitting in the sand with a few boats floating in the bay. Event with the picture being in a Sepia-ish Black and White color, we can can imagine how colorful this scene is in real life, from the blue skies to the green trees on the mountains.
In this image, we are in a house surrounded by nature. We are probably in the living room looking out to the front driveway. This is a very modern design, incorporating nature with the urban living style is a very inspiring thing to do. In this picture, we can see a lot of different tones on green a very blueish grey, we don't have a lot of different colors going on in this picture, but it's interesting nonetheless.
In this painting, we see a beautiful sunset in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In the background, we have mountains, a small town and a few boats in the bay. On the foreground, we see a woman and a man collecting a few fruits in the vegetation. This painting has very saturated colors and really shows how beautiful the sunset in a tropical place can be.
In this image, we can see the clouds way in the back, a little more to the front, we see mountains and on the foreground, we have cattle near a shallow river. The color in this image is very varied, but is also very desaturated, this gives it a very dark look that I think fits very good with this image.
In this painting, we see a mountain full of snow in the background and on the foreground, we see a lake. The isn't a lot to say in respect to what is shown in the painting, but we can see that the artist put a lot of work into the little details of this piece. The top of the mountain is very white, but as we go down the mountain, it starts gaining more color until we see a variety of colors like blue, green, white and yellow.
In this piece, we see a small town and a lot of people on the streets having fun in what should be one of the first days of winter. I really like the contrast that the brown gives with all that white in the painting. One other color that I think really stands out is the greenish gray building to the center of the picture.
In this piece, we can see mountains and trees full of snow on the background. On the foreground, we have a few hills and wooden fences, also covered in snow. One of the things that I really liked about this painting is the contrast that the red trees give from all the white snow. It really makes it look like they are in the fall.
This is a very different painting from the other ones I chose. This one has a very particular style that pretty much anybody that sees it, knows who painted it. Vincent van Gogh is the artist. We can see on the background the mountains containing a few trees and a little bit to the front, there are a few houses. On the foreground, we see a man collecting hay. I picked this image mainly because of this amazing style and the colors that "van Gogh" used. I think it passes the information that he is in a rural area and a pretty arid environment without needing that much detail. Just the colors and the few places where it's more saturated gives you the idea of where he is and how it feels.
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