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Paintings and stuff, that I like, for reasons. Everything I picked would be considered a Fine Art.

I picked this because I found the whole scene to be subtly disturbing and unsettling. The background has a lot of violent or unusual imagery, making the knight lose his "noble" feel.
Not going to lie, I only picked this because I have a poster of it up on the wall in my apartment. It's pretty that's about it.
I like chaotic scenes in paintings. Because the context of the scene changes as you see how different characters are reacting to each other.
The shear dramatic action of this painting is the reason I chose it. Also the anonymity of the hero is great, allowing one to imagine themselves as the brave one on the line.
I just think this one is weirder than hell. The horse is described as a toy, as evidenced by it's wind up screw. which makes the scale of it against the birds just odd, I like it.
Credits: All media
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