Museo de Swag

"I will not make any more boring art" - John Baldessari

The gallery is introduced with a few artworks by one of my favorite artists, Sol LeWitt. Sol LeWitt is widely known as the founder of both Minimal and Conceptual movements, publishing many essays on the topic. , including “Paragraphs on Conceptual Art” (1967) and “Sentences on Conceptual Art” (1969). The earlier text proclaimed: “The idea becomes a machine that makes the art.”
The Incomplete open cubes are, as you may have guessed, a series with cubes with various number of sides missing. Through the missing sides on a very mathematical structure, the artist implies the break from the traditions, as represented by the perfect cube.
I came across this work while looking at the museum with many of LeWitt's artworks. The
From the arts with geometric shapes as the motif, I tried to transition smoothly into conceptual portraiture. Bill Viola uses his signature medium, the video, to show the rectangularity that governs over the animated figures. Interestingly, even though the LCD panels are separated, the work is considered a triptych.
Brazilian artist Lenora de Barros uses the phrase "procuro-me" in order to emphasize the variant yet rhythmic qualities of humans and portraiture. Procruro me, in Portuguese, means "I try".
"Note on a lit scene or ten thousand pencils"