Women in Art

The numerous ways women are depicted in art. 

This piece shows women as fortune tellers or gypsies. The painting gives a feel of femininity in the way the colors are soft and the lines gentle.
This piece depicts women to be victims of the lack of self-control in men.
This again shows women being harassed by men.
This depicts women as mothers, or caregivers.
The inclusion of angels gives the woman a since of godliness, in that only women can bring about life.
This shows a woman's emotional side. This can also show how women love and care for others.
The "Life" is depicted with feminine features. This is most likely due to that only women can bring new life into the world.
This shows that women are intelligent.
This depicts the mourning of the people for their beloved queen. This shows that women can be great leaders.
This shows a woman's anger. Women will do whatever it is that needs to be done.
This shows women as protectors. It shows that wars can be won by women.
This depicts women as a thing of desire.
This shows women as a thing of beauty.
It says something that the God of knowledge was a Goddess.
Women as hunters and warriors are something to be feared and admired.
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