The inner emotions and thoughts of Frida Kahlo through her paintings.                                                                         Gallery created by: Roosvelt Arredondo Jr.

"Self portrait with Small Monkey" is a self portrait painting of Frida Kahlo and her pets, a hairless Mexican ixquintle named Mr. Xoloti and one of her spider monkeys named Fulang Chang. Friday would paint portraits of herself with pets to show them as sweet and protective symbols. She also painted herself with pets due to her sadness of not being able to have children.
This is a unfinished oil paint portrait of Frida Kahlo's family that shows her grandparents from both, her mom and dad side, on the top of the painting. It also includes her father Gullermo Kahlo and her mother Matilde Calderon y Gonzalez, in the middle. Her sisters Matilde, Adriana and Cristina are at the bottom besides Frida. She painted family portraits to show her Mexican and German heritage.
"The Bus” is a painting that depicts the different societies on the bus. There is a woman with her grocery bag, a carpenter, a woman with her children, a man with a bag of money and a young woman. The painting can also signify the bus accident she was in, when she was a teenager.
In this painting Frida Kahlo depicts her pain and suffering due to a serious bus accident when she was a teenager that resulted in many months of recovery. She had to wear a corset that she described as punishment which is portrayed in this painting as the thing that is keeping her together. There is also metal rod as her spine and nails piercing her skin to show the pain of recovery.
"Frida and the Cesarean" is an unfinished painting after a life threatening miscarriage. The painting shows Frida in a hospital bed with a child and her husbands floating image besides her. On the top left corner there is a group of doctors performing a surgery, as if she was portraying what would of happened if she would have had that child.
“The Mask” shows Frida hiding behind a mask that reveals her true emotions of craziness and weeping sadness. She looks through the holes of the mask to hide behind her actual feeling. The mask has a frowning face with purple hair and dead leafs in the background.
“Appearances Can Be Deceiving” signifies the artists inner conflicts and insecurities that can be covered by a dress. One of her legs has butterflies drawn on it to represent a kind of fracture. She is dressed in plain clothes with a sketch of a dress to cover her flaws.
"The Chick” shows an unprotected chick standing on a pile of twigs looking up at two spider on a web. There is no true meaning to this painting for she did not leave any written documents but there are a few speculations. One is that Frida is the chick and the two spiders represent two problems. The other is that Diego (Frida's husband) is the chick and symbolizing a down fall in their relationship.
“Viva la Vida” is a still painting that was finished 8 days before her death. Due to her deteriorating health she was on medication that had her in a semi sleep state which made this her only painting that lacked stroke detail and paint application. The painting is an image of watermelons on the ground with split blue and light blue skies.
The initial title for this paint was going to be, “Peace on earth so the Marxist science may save the sick and those oppressed by criminal Yankee capitalism. In this painting, Frida’s is being held by the hands of Marxism without using her crutches. The background has a green pasture with a steam of water running through it on the left side and a red lava on the right side. It signifies good and evil.
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