The other sight

One of the main representations of the ideal of the "other" is perceived differences. They way people view each other results in this idea of separation because it detaches the viewer from the world. Anything that is thought to be different is inherently odd in current society.

This map of flags shows the idea of the other by showing how separated the world is. Instead of showing one world with one humanity, it is one world divided between multiple nations.
This here propaganda poster from WWII depicts the "other" as being less than human. War, especially WWII, started by different ideals between various countries.
This shows the idea of the other by showing visual differences, some people are thought of to be less than human just because they look different.
This shows the idea of the other by showing that even though the people who are hated upon because of their looks are still people, represented by the title "We are colourful".
This shows the idea of the other by showing that visual imperfections can create bad habits, shown in the image by the thing the girl is holding.
One of faces of the "other" is through mental disorders. People with disabilities are thought to not be human or are subject to slurs.
This image shows the opposite of the other in that it shows what normal life is thought to be. It is cheerful and upbeat despite all the discrimination that is happening in the world.
This hilt represents the other because it shows a difference in beliefs. When the blade was used it was thought to be a holy endeavor but in modern times we think of rituals as demonic and inhumane.
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