To the left is Elizabeth Cady Stanton she was an important piece in the women's right movement.To the right is Susan B.Anthony was also a feminest who helped reform womens rights or suffrage.
This is Lucretia Mott she was a quaker and a women's right activist. She took a stand for what's right and she wanted equality between men and women.
This is a factory worker this is a rare picture because mostly children and women worked in the factories. Factory workers had to be leaders to help reform such harsh conditions in factories.
This is a picture of Harriet Tubman she was a slave but she was freed and helped other slaves get their freedom.A common way that she helped the slaves get free was the underground railroad where she would take the slaves to free states for them to live freely.
This is a schoolhouse model a lot of children could not go to school until Horace Mann came and reformed education. A lot of children could not go to school because of their race or gender.
This bracelet signifies equality it stands for women, blacks, children who can't get an education, and factory work reforms.
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