Danielle krefft's esteemed american pieces of the 20th century

Danielle likes American art but we didn't study it, nor did we visit the Amon Carter. Sad sad.

This is probably one of my favorite pieces in the gallery. It is very American and visually pleasing. Childe Hassam (1859-1935) was an American Impressionist painter from Boston. Influential.
This sculpture is part of the American Renaissance (an era in which America was focused on its classical roots). D.C.F. (1850-1931) was an American sculptor from New Hampshire. I find it incredibly mysterious and calming at the same time.
Julian Onderdonk (1882-1922) was a Texas impressionist painter and is often called the "father of Texas painting." This was purchased by the Amon Carter museum in honor of Lady Bird Johnson. This is quite asthetically pleasing to me. I like the blues. (And it has an interesting view.)
Bellows (1882-1925) was a famed realist painter in America. He often painted urban scenes of New York city. I enjoy this lithograph because it shows a little girl as she is. Nothing more, nothing less.
Eakins (1844-1916) was a realist painter and sculptor, among other things. I was drawn in by the monsignor's stern and content look. He seems to be thinking of matter not of this world or time.
This is one of two photographs in this gallery. I found Gloria's costume to be so interesting. Karl Struss is an awarded American photographer from New York.
Hopper (1882-1962) was a realist (shocking, right?) painter. I became fascinated with this painting. What is the girl doing? Is she a ballerina? Just dressed up? Who is she? What's her story?
The second photograph was taken by Dorr. I like this photo because of the harmony. It's nice and symmetrical. It seems to me that these women and children are having a good time.
Another Hassam piece. This piece is so light and calm, airy. It's peaceful and relaxing. I feel like this is what it would've been like to be rich in 1911 America. No wars or worries, just music and flowers.
More Bellows. I included this piece because I felt the American culture of this time practically seeping out of it. Until recently, boxing was a big thing in the United States. Everyone was in on the action and this work takes you to the middle of it.
Thayer (1849-1921) was a painter and lots of other things. I caught her eyes and was drawn in not only by her, but by the general beauty of the painting itself. It's whimsical.
Still more Bellows. I included this because this is different from any depiction of Christ's crucifixion that I've seen. The other two being crucified alongside him are shown. That's unusual.
More Thayer. This isn't from the 20th century but I adored it too much to leave it out. Thayer often painted those around him and these are two of his daughters who were particularly close. Their closeness is indicated in their placement.
Rockwell (1894-1978) is pretty much the quintessential American artist. I was struck by this painting's lack of formality. Here these men are, in a diner having dinner, when all of a sudden there is more news of Germany and our boys over there.
More Hassam. This painting captured my attention due to all of the white and blue. It was bright but still subdued. It's clearly winter, but it's almost like you can feel the cold by just looking at this work. Still, the New Yorkers are going about their business in true American fashion.
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