Capturing Texture

Hello everyone, This is a gallery of art work that express the wonderful way artist capture Texture and show  them visually. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

I particularly picked this piece because of the way the artist painted the hard surfaces. I also liked how the artist captured the torches light against the surfaces. Also the clothing in this is piece is done amazingly well.
This piece reminds me of  Seurat's pointillism I love how the darker dots show depth and texture.
Truly a great landscape piece I love hoe the artist really captured the way nature really over powers us but also shows it beauty. The rock texture along the mountains are amazing.
The artist of this piece really captured the softness of the fur in this piece and actually to me makes it a focal point.
I liked this picture I think because I can relate to it, I have been "Gassed' which means being insanely tired but having the will to drive on. I was in the Army for 10 years so I guess this is a weak spot in my heart, although there is great texture is this piece, I can't help but to only concentrate on the men in it. 
I look at this and can't help but get a Van Gogh feel with the grass and the sky. The stone is done in such great texture.  
This piece great texture, with all of the fabric on the people, but what grabbed me was the scene in its self, I have never seen people so happy to watch a bon fire that looks like a witch burning.
To me the desert ground in this piece brings the whole thing together.I feel as though if I went to the desert I hope I would encounter this.
I chose this piece because of the attention to detail of the landscape behind the guy, the pieces of shale rock and the trees show great texture.
I like this piece because it resembles Rainy Season In the Tropics, I love the stone as well as the rolling hills of the valley and the animals make us see yet again how massive mother nature can be but also gentle.
The texture in this piece is amazing, the fabric seems so real and the water is stunning.
I chose this piece because of the mane of the tiger I just got the feeling that its almost 3d.
Though I have never actually seen this piece in real life I feel as though the artist used an enormous amount of paint in this. I think it was needed to give it the look it has, the tree, the moon and the sky all have I think you could possibly feel.
I absolutely love the Irony of this piece, I know it is a city and makes me think concrete jungle but this is a twist to it I love the texture in this. It helps define the buildings and gives us a sense that its okay that its painted like yarn.
I love how this gun shows the yarn texture but keeps the body of a gun. The texture gives me the feeling that if I grabbed the gun physically I will feel the itchiness of the yarn.